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We carry out all the ordinary maintenance related to the maintenance of the instrument to preserve the aesthetic and sound characteristics over time.

We provide assistance to collectors and musicians for the correct maintenance of their instruments.


As for the instrument, also for the bow it is essential to always keep the stick in an excellent state of maintenance.

We perform all ordinary operations (hair replacement, cleaning and polishing).

This is why we have different qualities of horsehair, in order to be able to adequately select every need. From the ancient arch to the study arch.


Thanks to the collaboration with the most important international Archery Ateliers, and based on the complexity of the restoration to be carried out, we can direct every single arch towards the intervention of the most appropriate restorer for each specific phase. In this way, taking advantage of the excellence of each individual craftsman, we are able to guarantee the best possible result.

Acoustic tuning

Every instrument, if well-tuned, can express its full potential.

On the contrary, it can significantly limit the gifts and peculiarities of those who play it if poorly tuned.


Many factors must be considered during the search for the right balance.

Among these, the comparison with the musician and with his personal approach is undoubtedly fundamental.


We offer therefore the total availability to reach together this kind of result.

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