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"...a pre-existing artifact consists of the set of all actions aimed at preserving the material consistency, to reduce the degradation to make it suitable for use by people..."

-Amedeo Bellini-


The laboratory is specialized in the restoration and conservation of historical instruments.

From the initial diagnostics to the conclusion of the restoration process, we combine the method with scientific investigation.

When necessary, we collaborate with specialized studies for the following investigations:

- Endoscopic investigation

- Radiographic investigation

- Ultraviolet light fluorescence survey

- Dendrochronological investigation

restauro 2.jpg

Through collaborations and updates with the most important international Ateliers, we are able to select and direct each specific case towards the most appropriate solution.


This means that for each phase of the restoration, if necessary, we consult the professional figure able to guarantee the best result obtainable for that single operation.


This professional choice of ours is aimed at constructive collaboration but, above all, at the excellence of the final result.

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